Our promise to you is to deliver landscape gardening services and solutions that meet you and your gardens’ needs. Whether it is a fully-scoped, designed and constructed landscape design, we provide a considered and consultative approach. Our ongoing maintenance services ensure your garden always looks amazing.   We will start with an initial consultation, followed by the design planning.  Then the most exciting aspect is the delivery of your dream garden.  At Colourful Creative Gardens, we pride ourselves on providing the best landscape gardening services and solutions.


Landscaping Design

This is where our experience lies and what we love to do. We’ll visit your garden space to provide an initial consultation where we can share and discuss ideas. We follow this up with a concept and planning stage, which is consultative in nature to ensure we meet your needs. Lastly we provide a quote, timeline and start date to establish and build your garden experience.

Landscape Gardening

From plants and shrub selection, shade-providing trees, local soils, rock-work and paving, we do it all. With all our gardens we recommend only the highest-quality, locally-sourced, solutions that will flourish in your area. We are detailed focused too, so that not only is your garden effectively established to grow, but that the little things make it a memorable space.

Care & Maintenance

Gardens grow and change in a range of aspects over time which makes them such a special part of your home life. We can help you maintain order in your garden by providing ongoing maintenance and vegetation removal services, at regular intervals throughout the year. This will ensure that your space meets your needs from the start and throughout the life of your residence.

Plant & Lawn Management

Not only is a large, healthy and vibrant area of lawn useful for entertaining and fun-and-games but it can make a garden inviting. We can help with all your turfing needs, as well as the management of lawns and surrounding plants. We’ll make sure it continues to flourish during all conditions through the different elements that Sydney’s seasons can throw at it.

Water & Irrigation

Every dollar spent on a high-performing irrigation system is returned significantly in the value of your property. Let us implement an irrigation system in your backyard that your plants will appreciate, your visitors will envy, your body will thank you for and your house will stand out. Every system is built to the needs of your plants and wildlife.


Garden construction always starts with its orientation in the landscape and is followed by the selection of plants.  We can then help you with paving, rock-work, stone-work retaining walls, levelling and raising garden beds as well as any other construction requirements that will ensure that you can use and enjoy your new entertaining area.


Garden Maintenance and Landscape Gardeners Northern Beaches
Garden Maintenance and Landscaped Gardeners Northern Beaches
Garden Maintenance and Landscape Gardeners Northern Beaches
Garden Maintenance and Landscape Gardeners Northern Beaches